[Wlug] encyclopedia

doug waud douglas.waud@umassmed.edu
Tue, 31 Dec 2002 18:14:44 -0500

Hi all

I wonder whether I have found a gap in availability of applications for 
Linux  :-(

Specifically, I have been looking for a CD encyclopedia which will run 
on a Linux box (in particular a couple I set up for my two grandkids).

Wine does not seem to provide a work-around both because it does not 
seem to be happy with any CD encyclopedia and because it would require 
buying Win* to get the CD stuff installed (and neither computer is worth 
as much as Win* would cost).

I tried searching for Linux + Encyclopedia but that just gives me 
encyclopedias about Linux. A search for CD + Encyclopedia gave a 
reasonable list but none runs under Linux (as you might expect, all run 
under Wintel and a few on Macs).

Does anyone know of a general CD encyclopedia that one can use with Linux?


PS The grandkids take to the linux boxes quite naturally. I showed the 
older one how to type "lpr -Plp3 filename" to print a file. He later 
reported that he tried it on his brother's box but, since it was a 
second computer and Q comes after P and 4 comes after 3 he used -Plp4 
(obvious isn't it:-) ) and it worked!   :-)