[Wlug] X-server minutiae - Doh!

Gregory Avedissian avedis@rcn.com
Tue, 24 Dec 2002 15:40:31 -0500

If you run sax with the --auto option (I did), it wants a value for 
screen resolution, and it sets the color to 8-bit without asking. I ran 
it again, manually. 32-bit color looks much better.


Gregory Avedissian wrote:
> Now that I have X working again, some colors are different. The outline 
> box that appears when opening a window in fvwm2 has changed from yellow 
> to purple, which is nice because it's easier to see, but my cursor is 
> very pale gray. Anyone know how to change a cursor color? Am I nuts to 
> even think about messing with it?
> Greg
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