[Wlug] Upcoming meetings

Stephen C. Daukas stephen@daukas.com
Wed, 11 Dec 2002 10:00:49 -0500

I agree.  Put up the topic, as Doug suggested, and run with it.  I 
should think a quick run through the year's Linux Journal, and others, 
would make for a good framework for the evening.  Of course, anyone 
could always add what they did/know/heard about, etc...

doug waud wrote:

> Hi all
>> Chips and Dip? ;-)
>> You know, this triggered an idea.
> I am not going to ask for details there!  :-)
>> Every year, before the end of the calendar year,
>> you see these TV shows which summarize the news from the past 12
>> months.  What about Linux news from this year that could be 
>> summarized at the meeting?  OK, I'm grabbing at straws 
>> here......maybe I'll just stick with the chips and dip.
> Given the quasi-fiasco with the last meeting where no topic
> was announced, I think the WLUG site should have *some*
> topic. I suggest "The year in Linux" as a default
> (following up on your above musings). It would be
> better than no topic at all and is broad enougth
> that we should be able to kindle some sort of
> fire with it.
> Summary: get a topic, anything reasonable, up on
> the web page asap. :-)