[Wlug] Lan party ideas...

Wes Allen wallen@charter.net
Mon, 9 Dec 2002 10:39:04 -0500

I vote for Kohan (the Loki port, not the transgaming thing....though I must 
confess I'll likely get the expansion version from them...).


On Monday 09 December 2002 7:35 am, Stephen C. Daukas wrote:
> I have a couple of ideas...
> The first one that comes to mind, regarding location, is to hold it at
> the Mass Academy of Math & Science at WPI, which is of course a part of
> WPI, and is loacted at 85 Prescott St.  This is where WPI's campus
> expansion (gateway park) will be happening over the next N years.  As is
> so happens, I'm a faculty member at the Academy (Computer Science) and
> have already secured permission to use the entire facility, if need be,
> for WLUG acitivity.
> There is one large room (a.k.a. the brick yard)  where we can probably
> accomodate up to 30 people with various PCs on bench-tables (we have had
> 100+ people in there for presentations).  This room has the same AV
> sysetm as Kinnekut Hall...  In addition to that, we have a large "room"
> (a.k.a. the library) off of a number of classrooms that could also be
> used.  Every room is equipped with drops (between a 6 and 30) that we
> could use if Chuck can secure permission to connect to the WPI network.
> As to what, well I must confess, I have never seen what the attraction
> is to playing computer games.  I have brought up the possibility, as the
> last "Boynton meeting", of attracting the "technology" types from area
> schools (and the folks they hang out with) for an install fest and
> topical discussions revolving around getting Linux into the hands of
> students and family as well as the topic of running Linux on all the
> older PCs that many schools already have.
> My guess is that taking this route, instead of a night of games, would
> not only serve to help the communities in which we live, but also
> bolster WLUG's standing in central MA and probably double our membership
> as well...
> Steve
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