[Wlug] Lan party ideas...

Stephen C. Daukas stephen@daukas.com
Mon, 09 Dec 2002 07:35:34 -0500

I have a couple of ideas...

The first one that comes to mind, regarding location, is to hold it at 
the Mass Academy of Math & Science at WPI, which is of course a part of 
WPI, and is loacted at 85 Prescott St.  This is where WPI's campus 
expansion (gateway park) will be happening over the next N years.  As is 
so happens, I'm a faculty member at the Academy (Computer Science) and 
have already secured permission to use the entire facility, if need be, 
for WLUG acitivity.

There is one large room (a.k.a. the brick yard)  where we can probably 
accomodate up to 30 people with various PCs on bench-tables (we have had 
100+ people in there for presentations).  This room has the same AV 
sysetm as Kinnekut Hall...  In addition to that, we have a large "room" 
(a.k.a. the library) off of a number of classrooms that could also be 
used.  Every room is equipped with drops (between a 6 and 30) that we 
could use if Chuck can secure permission to connect to the WPI network.

As to what, well I must confess, I have never seen what the attraction 
is to playing computer games.  I have brought up the possibility, as the 
last "Boynton meeting", of attracting the "technology" types from area 
schools (and the folks they hang out with) for an install fest and 
topical discussions revolving around getting Linux into the hands of 
students and family as well as the topic of running Linux on all the 
older PCs that many schools already have.

My guess is that taking this route, instead of a night of games, would 
not only serve to help the communities in which we live, but also 
bolster WLUG's standing in central MA and probably double our membership 
as well...