[Wlug] Let's make WLUG meetings better!

Haines, Charles Allen chaines@WPI.EDU
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 09:46:45 -0500

I would be very interested in some security based presentations.  I think setting up some boxes for "security" testing would be really cool.  I'd be willing to donate my box to the cause.  I'd also like to see a tutorial on iptables, cause they are a very usual thing.
Other than that, I think a demo on wine, and getting some of that other OS's programs like dreamweaver mx, to work under wine.

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HI everybody,

I was a little disappointed at the turnout from the last WLUG meeting.  We had 
8 or 9 people show up, and while we did have a good time watching Scott and 
Doug get a couple of scanners working under Linux, it would have been alot 
more fun with more people in attendance.  I believe this was the lowest 
attendance we've seen at a WLUG meeting in our 5.5 year history.  :-(

We discussed possible reasons for the low attendance at the Boynton over a few 

One suggestion was that I should update the WLUG website to show what we have 
done at past meetings so people wouldn't think that nothing was accomplished.  
I've done that and will endeavor to keep that part of the WLUG website 
current (see "Past Meeting Information").

Another thought was that some people will only come to a meeting if the topic 
looks interesting to them, and if it is announced well in advance.  I must 
admit to having been somewhat lax in that area lately.  

Therefore, in an attempt to remedy that (at least for this month), I'm putting 
out the call now for a speaker and a topic for the Dec. 12th meeting (its 
coming up fast!).  I sent out a list of potential topics last month, but I 
know that there are a zilliion interesting things happening in the Linux 
world that could be discussed at a WLUG meeting.  

The meeting need not be discussion based, either!  Although Kinnicutt Hall 
lends itself well to this type of meeting, we do have access to other rooms 
on campus.  

People have tossed out ideas such as these:

o build a network for multiplayer Linux games

o build a network to see if WLUG crackers can break into your system (not to 
destroy it, but to teach you what to fix to secure your system)

o more live demos!

The group exists to meet your needs, so please, state your needs!  I can't 
arrange a meeting to your liking if I get no feedback on what you want to see 
at future WLUG meetings.  

More importantly, I'd like to see more and different people volunteer to do 
the presentations or to run a live demo.  If you look back at the last year 
of WLUG meetings, you'll see the same names many times.  While I'm *quite* 
happy that these folks continue to volunteer, I'd like to see others jump in 

Finally, if anybody has feedback regarding the last meeting and why it lacked 
attendees, please bring it up on the list so we can all discuss it.  Without 
such candid discussions, WLUG cannot improve.



Andy Stewart, Founder
Worcester Linux Users' Group
Worcester, MA  USA

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