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Here is what I suggest.  We co-sponsor this with the WPI Game Development Club.  The GDC holds LAN parties often and would help us a great deal with the planning of this.  I think its a great idea, having helped with many of the GDC LAN parties myself (I'm a GDC executive).

For the installfest part, I say we charge nothing, unless the person doesn't have the distro on CD, in which case we can ask for a couple bucks to cover the cost of the CD's (since most distro's take up like 5 CD's now anyway).  However, for the LAN party part, the way that the GDC usually does it is, $3 for GDC members, $5 for WPI students, and $7 for Consortium students, and $10 for everyone else.  Now since WLUG is a WPI organization, we could say, $3 for WLUG / WPILA members and $5 for everyone else.  I think that is a very fair price.

As for placed to hold it.  WPI would be more than happy to hold it.  We really have two choices in the matter, Riley Commons, which is easy to get, but not very large.  Or we can try and get the Odeum, which is much more tricky, but much larger and more power.  Any WPI Alumni or current student can book either of these (though I've heard that Alumni have a better change of getting the Odeum than a student does).

The link should be an isolated link just internally for the LAN party.  If we want an outside link for the install fest portion, we will have to talk to netops and see what they can do.  Right now, every machine on the WPI campus has to be registered for security reasons.  They might be able to help us out with something.

If we decided to turn this into more than a LAN party, I say we turn it into a series of small demos / tutorials kinda thing.  We could host some beginner tutorials, like a basic recompiling of the kernel, a desktop setup, stuff like that.  We could also hold more advanced tutorials such as iptables, security, clustering, stuff like that.  I think that we should have the installfest go for like the first 3 hours, along with a LAN party, and then turn over to tutorials and workshops, maybe offering a couple at the same time to give people a choice.  I'd really like to do something like this.

As for time frame... GDC LAN parties usually last from around 6pm to whenever everyone leaves, which has been as late as 3am the next day.  Now for this, I would say that something like 5-midnight, or something similiar would work well, giving us enough time for both the installfest and the workshops / tutorials.

I suppose that is enough long windedness for me,

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Hey All,

So after reading Andy's email, it got me thinking about the whole
installfest/lan party thing... and I'd like some input.

1. Do the members of WLUG think a lan party is a possible thing?
2. How many people do you think we could get to attend?
2a. How many people would we want to attend? At a certain point, if 200
people show up, it could get ugly...
3. Where and When could we hold such a shindig?  Would this be something
that the support staff at WPI would even entertain as an idea?  Or, should
we look else were... such as a VFW or some such place...
4. Should we have a link to the outside world, or should it just be an
isolated LAN?
5. Time Frame...
6. What should we charge people (if anything) to attend?
7. Activities? This is where I want some broad input.  Other than the
obligatory FPS/RTS games, what other games or "stuff" would people like to
see?  I know Andy had mentioned a security demo...  How about a clustering

Let me know what your ideas are...


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