[Wlug] regular SCSI errors in log

Bill Mills-Curran subssn594@charter.net
Wed, 4 Dec 2002 08:32:13 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 3 Dec 2002, Karl Hiramoto wrote:

> Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 19:32:58 -0500 (EST)
> From: Karl Hiramoto <karl@zoop.org>
> Reply-To: wlug@mail.wlug.org
> To: Worcester Linux Users Group <wlug@mail.wlug.org>
> Subject: Re: [Wlug] regular SCSI errors in log
> Any cron jobs running at that time?
> SCSI terminator properly installed?


Cron job.  Yes, there is a daily cron job that runs around that time.
However, the errors are logged on Friday only, so I did not connect
the two.  I suppose that there could be an interaction with something
else that happens weekly to make this operation troublesome.  I'll
keep poking around for that.  Note that the weekly system cron jobs
run on Sunday, not Friday.

SCSI terminator.  N/A on this machine.  This is a Data General server
with 2 PnP SCSI disks plus 2 copper fibre HBA's to a Clariion array.