[Wlug] "Couldn't find ext2 superblock..."

Dan Crooks DanCrooks@worldnet.att.net
Mon, 28 May 2001 09:12:57 -0400

Using Darkstar Resque Disk to boot and look around a RH 6.2

e2fsck -n /dev/hda1   results in 
Couldn't find ext2 superblock, trying backup blocks...
e2fsck: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/hda1

Here are the questions:
Can I fix the superblock?  Or is it re-install time?

Duplicate blocks are reported in hda12 (/) when I boot RH 6.2.  Is it
possible to fix that?

RH6.2 boot in rescue mode from CD says fdisk unable to open hda but it
is recognized by Darkstar Resque Disk.  Unfortunately Darkstar only has
partitions defined to hda9 and does not recognize hda12.  Is it possible
to rename a partition (hda12) to another name (hda5) from outside?

I have a second system, Windows based, which allows me access to the
internet for downloads, email, etc.  Is there a way to download
utilities on the Win machine and then execute them from a floppy on the
Linux machine either booted into rescue mode from RH or from Darkstar

Thank you in advance for any assistance, guidance or direction.
Dan Crooks