[Wlug] Re: Wlug digest, Vol 1 #64 - 2 msgs

Keith Wright kwright@gis.net
Sun, 20 May 2001 21:17:11 -0400

> From: Jim Stith <stith2@earthlink.net>
> compaq deskpro - the sequel;
> the pop sound is more like the monitor shutting off than any sort of
> safety device.

Huh?  Shutting off the monitor is exactly what one would expect
a safety device to do.

> the reason i want to install graphics is that i want to use webmin for
> configuration of samba apache etc. i am assuming that graphics has to be
> installed to use webmin.

You do not need to have the X server running on the local CRT
in order to use X through the network.

> any other suggestions based on the info. above would be appreciated.

I am not sure whether you said if you can boot up and log in
through a text mode terminal.  If you do that and type 'startx'
you should see some messages on the text mode console that might
be useful---things like what video clock settings it is trying
to use.

If RedHat has set it up so that you need X to log in, your first
job is to break out of that stupidity and just get a working text

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