[Wlug] Hope this is the right list...

rlapp@WPI.EDU rlapp@WPI.EDU
Mon, 7 May 2001 17:51:26 -0400

Hey guys,

I know there are two lists, one for questions and one for announcements,
hope this is the right one.

Here is the question, hopefully someone knows or can point me to a good

I have the following system:
Athlon TB 750, 256meg,
2x20gig Hard Drives on RAID 0 Striping - Win2k Server Installed.  (hde&hdf)
1x13 gig HD With Linux Mandrake 8.0 Installed. (hda)
1x60 gig HD for data. (hdb)

I would like to have LILO come up first and then give me the option of
booting to the Windows RAID Drives.

However, if I boot to my 13 gig drive from the BIOS, and have LILO come up I
can not get it to boot to the windows partitition.   I have put in the
entries to lilo.conf to boot to (hde) But that didnt work, /sbin/lilo gives
errors (dont have them in front of me now:( )
I also tried to point it towards hdf, but that gave errors saying no valid
boot sector etc.

Sooo now in order to boot both OSs I need to have the BIOS load the RAID
array as the default, and use a floppy to boot to linux.

I can only think that lilo is having a problem knowing what drive to point
to to load up windows since it is a raid array...

This make sense?

Thanks! Bill