[Wlug] Upcoming meetings - topic proposals

Bob Brown brown@ma.ultranet.com
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I would also enjoy some additional discussion on firewalls.

Here are my suggestions for additional topics;

1) ipchains and dial out PPP.  Setting up a fire wall for
   dialing into your favorite ISP.
2) ELF Files.  How to read and map an ELF file. How
   to extract and use symbols.
3) Reading Linux crash dumps.  Starting point and what to
   look for.  Absolute locations in the dump.  Interesting
   Linux data structures.
4) Writing a basic Linux driver.
5) Embedded Linux - There appears to be significantly more
   "Embedded Linux" job opportunities than "Linux"
   opportunities. How are they different?  How do you move
   from Linux to embedded Linux?
6) Creating the ultimate ".emacs" file. Simple and useful


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HI everybody,

For our next meeting, I would like to have somebody finish the thread from 
the last meeting or two by explaining the contents of their firewall 
script and why the series of ipchains commands works for them.  This might 
be helpful to folks who are either considering implementing a firewall or 
who want to understand the canned script that they got from wherever.

My idea for a subsequent meeting was to have a newbie meeting as we 
haven't had one in quite some time.  One idea I had was to discuss a shell:

	a) bash - scripting, command line "tricks"
		perhaps go over a "real" script, such as 
		a startup script in /etc/init.d/wherever...

Another idea would be to discuss the use of digital cameras with Linux. 

Are there other topics people would like to see?  Are there volunteers to 
take on these topics?  Perhaps there is a topic more interesting to you?

Thanks in advance for your input,


Andy Stewart, Founder
Worcester Linux Users' Group
Worcester, MA  USA
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