[Wlug] delurking to grovel

Mike Peckar fog@fognet.com
Thu, 3 May 2001 21:52:25 -0400

Hello all, I've been lurking for quite some time now, though i'd pipe up.

I've been hosting several very low volume domains through a dedicated dialup
starting oh, sheesh, like six years ago via iii.net and using slackware
0.0.9 (am i old or what?). When iii bellied up, I switched to tiac, which
was gobbled by psi - now in bankrupcy. suffice it to say that I've seen
service levels as low as 95% (two weeks down per year).

O.k., sure, I made some sucky choices on my ISP's but what is a guy to do if
he's got like four domain names - pay $16.95 per month per domain for
hosting? That just bites dead donkey dicks in hell - especially when all the
sites combined push less than 1m/day

Any suggestions for hosting on the cheap would be greatly appreciated - no
dialup required. I have skills I can trade for hosting priviledges - I
specialize in enterprise network and systems management (HP OpenView,
micromuse, openNMS, UCD SNMP, MRTG, etc). co-location may be even easier - I
could just pop my server onto your high-speed acess LAN, reconfig IP
addresses, and make it even easier for you - charge me something, but I want
to pay for what I serve - not my idiot factor...


Mike the groveler