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Wesley Allen wallen@mail.lexchristian.org
Thu, 3 May 2001 15:15:11 -0400

Go up to 7.2, it's x-configuration has been painless for me on:

An HP Pavillion 4450
A Compaq Deskpro
3 old Pentium NOTEBOOKS (All compaq)
1 Custom-built web server
1 HP NetServer (I forget the model)
1 Dell 4800 notebook

As you can see, there is great x-support in 7.2, it was really mature, 8.0 is even nicer, but if you're on older hardware don't bother becasue you'll take a HUGE performance hit (KDE 2.1 and Nautilus are memory suckers, maybe with a lightweight window manager you'll be ok though..)

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>All right,
>	Thank you for the assistance all. It has been helpful.
>	I took Andy & Jeff's lead to check the Kernel and sure enough there is 
>no such device.
>Is my best bet to try to load a newer version? I am less afraid of this 
>prospect after fighting my way through X problems in 6.0 before going to 
>	Any words to the wise before embarking on this adventure? Up until now I 
>have used off the shelf disks to get the job done. How much more 
>treacherous is trying to grab stuff on-line? 
>> Basic stuff:  if you cannot cat a file to /dev/lp0, then you probably 
>> a kernel related problem.  That will need to be fixed first.  Jeff's
>> earlier e-mail explains in brief how to do this.
>> Try something like this:
>>       cat/.cshrc > /dev/lp0
>> OK, once that works, you know that the kernel is OK.
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