[Wlug] Linux on a Dell laptop dual-boot W2K

Dan Potter dpotter@WPI.EDU
Fri, 1 Jun 2001 13:19:39 -0400 (EDT)

I've got Win98, Win2K, and Linux Mandrake 8.0 all running happily on the
same machine, so I'll throw my 2 cents into the discussion.

As has been previously mentioned, if you're starting from scratch, just
reformat EVERYTHING with the partitions needed for both OSes.  In my case,
I started out with a new harddrive to be installed so I formatted the new
HD to be my Windows disk, involving (serveral) FAT32 partitions to be used
for the Windows system and also to be used to easily transfer data back
and forth between the Linux install and the Windows install.  (Namely,
MP3s... :) )  I also made a NTFS partition (or rather, left space for) to
install 2K on - I chose this strategy because I needed some Win2K NTFS
features (note that Windows 2K uses NTFS5.0 and Windows NT uses NTFS
4.<something> - there are differences).  I did all this via Partition
Magic rescue disks 'cause I like the GUI (and I like the fact that it
formats the partitions for me so I can then copy all the existing
Windows data via Linux (yeah, yeah, mkdosfs) - but this was a new HD

The FIRST step is to install Windows 95/98/ME if you want to - if you're
going with 2K, then just don't bother... the Win9x series assumes that
it's the only OS and mucks with the MBR.  It's much easier just to do it
*first*.  (In other words, if you're *ever* going to want to use Win9x
decide to do it NOW because it'll be much harder later.)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Win9x *MUST* be installed on the first harddrive (ie, on
the master drive of the primary IDE controller).  If it is not, it WILL
NOT BOOT.  Win2K *may* require this as well, but I'm pretty sure it can
boot off pretty much anywhere (my install of 2K has it *way* past the 1024
cylinder on the master drive of my primary IDE controller, so don't worry
about the 1024 cylinder boundary - Win9x MUST be on the first 1024
cylinders, I think).

Next I installed Win2K.  It'll see the existing Win9x install (if there is
one) and set itself up to dual-boot between the two.  It's bootloader is
actually on the boot sector of the Windows partition, NOT the MBR.  Which
is good, because that means LILO/Grub/Whatever can boot it.  Win2K made me
reformat the existing NTFS(NT version) partition before it would install
on it, but after that, it went on with no problems.

Finally, I installed Mandrake.  Mandrake saw my two Windows installs,
added them to Grub (the bootloader I chose, feel free to use Lilo), and
then installed flawlessly onto the newly ReiserFS partitioned secondary
HD.  Once a that was done, all I have to do is choose "Windows" from the
Grub bootloader to boot into Windows (or rather, to launch the Windows 200
Boot Loader which boots wither Windows OR Win9x).

As others have said, you probably either want a FAT32 partition to
transfer data between the OSes, or just make the Win2K system partition
FAT32 - it'll work fine that way (my Dad runs his computer with Win2K on a
FAT32 partition, and it runs without any hitches).

The one warning is that PM5.0 doesn't support the Win2K version of NTFS,
so you won't be able to muck around with NTFS partitions with it.  It
also doesn't support ReiserFS, but I doubt anyone expected it to...  (I
believe that PM 6 DOES support the Win2K version of NTFS, though - and of
course, it supports ext2 and Linux swap partitions (although PM5 can't
move/resize Linux swap partitions - just delete 'em and recreate 'em if
you ever need to move/resize them with PM - PM6 might, haven't borrowed
my Dad's copy to find out)).

Good luck!

On Thu, 31 May 2001, Simoncini, Matthew wrote:

> Hey all,
> I was wondering if anyone has had any "good" experiences installing Linux
> and W2K on the same machine? I currently have the following hardware setup:
> Dell Inspiron 8000 Laptop
> Pentium III 700mhz w/256MB RAM
> Toshiba DVD-ROM
> Integrated Actiontec 10/100MB NIC \ 56K Modem
> Intel 815e AGPSet Chipset with 4X AGP
> 10GB HD - currently 1 partition NTFS file system
> My thoughts were to install Caldera e-Desktop 2.4 which I have had some
> success with. What I'm not sure about is re-partitioning the HD to
> accommodate 2 Operating Systems. Caldera comes with a slim version of
> Partition Magic, but I haven't had the opportunity to use it on NTFS, so
> that is where any suggestions would help.
> Thanks for the time.
> Matthew
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